Can love be cold?

Let me start with thanking all our loyal readership for support and love. I truly appreciate emails.

Not long time ago I was driving and thinking, what is love? Is it supposed to be warm and fuzzy or cold? I do not know when I love people do I love the person or the person I created in my mind. Not long time ago I was question my own behavior and comparing it to my peers. I do not think love supposed to hurt but I do not think it is all peachy either.

I used to think love is the intimate moments/intimacy people share. Hmmm, uhhh ohh that was not it!

Love used to be a passion in my dictionary for a long time. That was not it! Actually passion brought a lof of difficulties in my life. SO I stay away from it nowadays!

Love supposed to be commitment. Oh that is not love at all I think. I have seen a lot of people who are in committed relationship but not in love at all. They always repsect each other, but love is not part of that ingredient. Isn't that what we want from love? Maybe love is aggregation of a lot of factors?

I used to think LOVE is the strong support for each other. Hmmm that is out the window since I truly love my ex-boyfriend and have a stronger bonds now than when we dated.

I used to think love is the friendship ,sharing happiness & sadness 2gether. Oh well that is not true either. Because I had that too.

Maybe love is the CHASE. A mental chase or a mental dependency. I do not know. I do not know what is love? Can you taste love? Can you punch love? Is love A GOD? Is LOVE a monster?

As I am sitting here and crying my life off and thinking what is love? I hope my disturbed soul is not hanging over you head right now?

With love and adoration,